Celebrity Millennium presented in her original blue and gold livery at Chantiers de l'Atlantique Shipyards, Friday, March 31, 2000

At 964.5 ft in length and 105.6 ft in width, Celebrity Millennium is a Panamax sized cruise ship that just barely fits into the Panama canal locks. The larger Solstice Class ships are too large for the existing canal locks.

Celebrity Millennium is powered by two GE gas turbines with a combined power of 60 MW. This is enough electrical energy to power approximately 60,000 homes.

To make the ship move, up to 39 MW of this electrical energy is sent to the two azimuthing pods located beneath the stern of the ship.

Azipod system as used on Millennium

The azipods used in the Millennium class have had many problems resulting in unscheduled dry docks and canceled cruises. In January 2010, Celebrity announced that Rolls-Royce will be paying Celebrity a $65 M settlement due to the pod problems. The last such incident that I know of was in March of 2009.

Celebrity Millennium received a $10 million refurbishment in May of 2009. The next refurbishment is scheduled for April of 2012.

The Berlitz Guide to Cruising & Cruise Ships 2010, rated the Millennium Class ships with a top four rating of 1586 points (4+) for all large ships (over 1,600 passengers). The ships receiving a higher score are Celebrity Solstice Class (1611 points), Queen Victoria Grill Class (1,680 points), and Queen Mary 2 Grill Class (1,703 points). It is very interesting to note the both the Queen Mary 2 and Queen Victoria were rated well below the Celebrity Millennium Class for their Britannia Class accommodations. If you want the Grill Class cabins, be prepared to pay dearly for the experience.

One of the best cabin features of the Millennium Class are the huge aft balconies. These are comprised of CC1, FV, and Penthouse suite cabins. Other Celebrity ships have much smaller aft balconies. The advantage of the large balconies include lots of room, more furniture, shelter from the wind, and availability of sun or shade. We are looking forward to having breakfast and dinner on our aft balcony.

Large Aft Balcony Cabins on Millennium

CC1 Aft Balcony with furniture

Side view of balconies on Millennium Class ships


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