Cabo San Lucas

Cabo San Lucas is our port of call on May 1. The map, below, shows the location of the pier and some of the top rated attractions. Cabo is our last port call before heading north into the much cooler waters off the Baja Peninsula. This will very likely be our last warm weather day on the cruise. So be sure to get out and enjoy the warm sunshine.

Picture Gallery

My wife and I visited Cabo on the Celebrity Mercury in 2006, as described in my travelogue. We visited again on the Sapphire Princess in 2009. Click on the first picture to see our 2006 Mercury picture gallery. Or click here on the 2nd picture to see our 2009 Sapphire picture gallery.

El Arco (The Arch) as viewed from a water taxi

El Arco (The Arch) as seen on our 2006 Mercury cruise

Taken at Latitude/Longitude:22.877429/-109.894136. 2.39 km South-East San Lucas Baja California Sur Mexico  (Map link)

Lover's Beach as seen on our 2009 Sapphire Princess Cruise

Top Attractions

Many of these attraction involve getting on/off a panga beached on the sand. Your feet will get wet doing this, so be sure to wear footwear that can get wet.

Taken at Latitude/Longitude:22.878294/-109.895671. 2.21 km South-East San Lucas Baja California Sur Mexico  (Map link)

El Arco de Cabo San Lucas

El Arco at Land’s End
This iconic image of Cabo San Lucas are the rocks at the very end of the Baja Peninsula, located just south of the marina. To get there, take any of the many small motor boats, called pangas, available almost anywhere in the harbor. The panga operators will take you on a one-hour tour for about $15 per person (negotiable). The typical tour includes a trip out to the arch, a stop to see (and smell) the sea lions basking on the rocks, and a cruise by Lover’s Beach. Optionally, the boat will drop you off on Lover’s Beach. You will have to catch a later boat back to the harbor.

Beachgoers enjoy Playa del Amor

Beachgoers enjoy Playa del Amor

Playa del Amante (Lover’s Beach)
Lover’s Beach is located just north of El Arco. The normal way to get there is via a panga. The beach extends across the cape providing two beaches – one on the Pacific and the other towards the bay. The Pacific side typically has high surf compared to the relative calm of the Bahía San Lucas.

Playa El Medano (Dune Beach) in Cabo San Lucas

Playa El Medano (Dune Beach) in Cabo San Lucas

Playa El Médano (Médano Beach) – Cabo’s largest and most popular beach extends several miles from the the east side of the harbor entrance all the way to Villa Del Palmar on the east end Bahía San Lucas. Everything the beachgoer might want can be found here, with the possible exception of tranquility and solitude.

Here you can rent personal watercraft, boats, kayaks, and winsdurfing boards.  You can also go waterskiing, banana boating, snorkeling, and parasailing. If less active pursuits are your interest, there are many outdoor restaurants with beachfront seating.

Golf – Los Cabos has seven golf courses, with great views of the ocean and desert,  and reliable weather to go with it. Closer to Cabo, about one kilometer north of the city limits, is the 300-hectare (746-acre) Cabo San Lucas Country Club.

Sport Fishing – The Sea of Cortez is a prime fishing area for marlin, sailfish, tuna, and wahoo. Catching a 100-pound marlin is common. Fishing is catch and release.

Sailing, boating, harbor cruise – Cabo offers all kinds of water-related recreational opportunities. These include sail boats, zodiacs, motor yachts, and even a replica pirate ship (motorized of course.)


The May weather in Cabo San Lucas is hot and dry (notice that I didn’t say humid) with an average high of 87 F and 41% humidity. The average low is 67 F. Cabo enjoys over 350 clear days a year and receives only about 10 inches of rain annually. Generally, there is no rainfall from March through May. The climate here is basically like Phoenix Arizona with a beach. At 72 F, the ocean temperature is much cooler than what we will have experienced the rest of the cruise.

Here is the real-time weather for the San Jose Del Cabo airport, about 22 miles northeast of Cabo San Lucas.

Click for San Jose Del Cabo, Mexico Forecast

Port Information

Passengers boarding the Cabo Tender from the ship Mercury

Passengers boarding the Cabo Tender from the Celebrity Mercury

Cabo San Lucas is the only tender port on our itinerary. As can be seen in the photo, the cruise ship passengers board the tender from a boarding dock that folds out from the side of the ship. On this cruise in 2006, Celebrity used the boats from a local company, Cabo Tender. On our Sapphire Princess cruise in 2009, they used the ship’s lifeboats. The tender boats take everyone to the centrally located tender pier, shown on the maps. From there, you can walk anywhere in Cabo. It’s a compact town.

Maps – Download and print out these maps to take on the cruise.

Overview map of Cabo San Lucas and Los Cabos from Moon Cabo

Cabo San Lucas from Moon Cabo

San Jose Del Cabo


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