Acapulco is our port of call on April 29. The map, below, shows the location of the pier and some of the top rated attractions.

Picture Gallery

My wife and I visited Acapulco on the Celebrity Mercury in 2006, as described in my travelogue.  Many of these pictures were taken on our tour with Rosie Diaz Hernandez. Click on the picture below to see our Acapulco picture gallery.

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Early morning view of Acapulco from the Celebrity Mercury

Top Attractions

Several of these attractions are within walking distance of the cruise ship terminal: Fuerte De San Diego and Casa De La Mascara (across the street), Acapulco Zocalo (0.5 mile) , and the water taxis to Isla Roqueta (0.5). At just under a mile, even the cliff divers are within walking distance. But you still might want to take a taxi to avoid getting overheated in this very warm climate.

Fuerte de San Diego in Acapulco

Fuerte De San Diego – Fort San Diego, built in 1616, is located right across the street from the cruise ship terminal. The fort contains the Acapulco Historical Museum. Bilingual exhibits show the history of Acapulco from pre-Spanish times up through independence from Spain.

Casa De La Mascara – About a block west of the fort is a converted house containing the mask museum. Over 500 handmade, indigenous masks are displayed in its seven rooms.

Old Acapulco Zócalo – The zócalo is the main town square in the old section of Acapulco. Locals and visitors gather on benches around the gazebo under the large shade trees.  The zócalo is surrounded by inexpensive cafes and shops.  Adjacent to the zócalo is the cathedral, Nuestra Senora de la Soledad, which is known by its onion-shaped blue domes. It was originally constructed as a 1930s movie set before being converted to a church.

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

Acapulco cliff divers wait for their turn

La Quebrada Cliff Divers – Perhaps the most famous of all Acapulco images is that of the cliff divers making a graceful swan dive into the sea below. This is definitely a must-see attraction for Acapulco. You will need to get there early to secure a viewing spot along the wall that separates the viewing area from the sea. You need to be right up against the wall to see the place where the divers splash into the water.  Otherwise, you see the top part of the dive, but not the entry into the sea. It will get very crowded as the dive time approaches, so be ready to defend your spot or you will be crowded out. There is no shade, so bring some water to drink during your wait.

Divers perform daily at 12:45, 7:30, 8:30, 9:30, and 10:30pm. Unless additional performances are scheduled, the 12:45 performance will be the only option for cruise ship visitors. Admission is 35 pesos. Other divers will come by afterwards asking for tips.

Isla Roqueta – This small, wooded island lies just off the Peninsula de las Playas, not far from the old downtown. To get there, take an inexpensive water taxi from Playa Caleta or Playa Tlacopanocha. Roqueta is a place to enjoy the sun, sand, and water in a more laid back environment than you will find on the Costera beaches (the strip of large resort hotels). Come here for lunch at a beachfront palapa restaurant. Roqueta is one of the best places to snorkel in Acapulco. In fact, Roqueta is where many of the snorkel and scuba dive tours go.

Watersports & Boat Rentals

Acapulco is known for its great beaches and water sports. The day visitor will have opportunities for swimming, snorkeling, jet skiing, and parasailing. The Costera beaches will have vendors out in front of the major hotels renting personal water craft and offering parasailing and water skiing. If these activities are a little too active, maybe a walk on the beach is apropos. To beat the heat, go in the morning. Take a taxi to the Fiesta American Villas (see Costera Map) and walk the two miles back to the Parque Papagayo. If you go in the afternoon, do it in the reverse so that the sun is at your back.


The April weather in Acapulco is hot and sunny with an average high of 87 F and 70% humidity. The average low is 70 F.  Our visit is towards the end of the very dry season. The average April rainfall is 0.2 inches, with only 1.2 total inches of rain from December through April. We can expect the hills to be brown and dry. The rainy season hits with a vengeance June through September with over 44 inches total on average.

Here is the real-time weather for Acapulco

Click for Acapulco, Mexico Forecast

Port Information

Celebrity Mercury in Acapulco, April 2006

Maps – Download and print out these maps to take on the cruise.

The cruise ship port is shown on the Acapulco map below as “MALECON STEAMSHIP DOCK”. It’s right next to Fuerte San Diego.

Acapulco Map from Moon Pacific Mexico

Acapulco's Zocalo map from Moon Pacific Mexico

Acapulco's Costera map from Moon Pacific Mexico

Currency Exchange

The local currency is the Mexican peso. The currency symbol is the “$”, just like in the US and Canada. . Here is the exchange rate for Mexican peso to USD. You might want to print out the Traveller’s Cheat Sheet just before the cruise.


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