Our cruise begins in San Juan, Puerto Rico in the Caribbean. The overall distance traveled is 4,683 statue miles or 7,536 km. By way of comparison, the ocean crossing distance between New York and Southampton is just 3,415 miles.

Without using the Panama Canal, the distance between San Juan to San Diego is 13,550 miles via Cape Horn. This illustrates the tremendous savings of travel time that has been provided by the Panama Canal since its first operation in 1914.

The southernmost point on our trip is approximately 7 degrees north of the Equator as Millennium passes south of Punta Mariato on the southern tip of the Azuero Peninsula of Panama.

Click on this map to see full size image in new window

Route map for Millennium April 18, 2011 WB Panama Canal Cruise


A significant influence on the weather for this cruise is the sea surface temperature. Starting in the Caribbean Sea, we can anticipate sea surface temperatures between 27 and 28 C (80 and 82 F). Temperatures on the Pacific side of Panama are even warmer. We should have sea temperatures between 28 and 30 C (82 and 86 F) between Panama and Guatemala. Heading north, the ocean temperatures gradually cool to about 23 C (73 F) by the time we get to Cabo San Lucas. These ocean temperatures should make for very pleasant “at sea” days.

Once north of Cabo, the sea temperatures cool rapidly. Our last “warm” day should be in Cabo on May 1, 2010. After that, get out your sweater and long pants.

Sea Surface Temperatures above 27 C (80 F) can be anticipated between San Juan and Panama.


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