The “Solsticized” Millie: 60 more cabins, “Downsized” observation lounge

5 Mar

In April of 2012, Celebrity plans to Solsticize the Millennium. Much of the publicity focuses on the new extra-charge restaurants. What you may have not noticed is that they plan to add 60 new cabins. The ship isn’t getting any bigger. So where is the space going to come from? The answer is the public areas of the ship will be Downsized to make room for these new cabins and upgrades.

According to Cruise Industry News, “Deck 11 will get 43 new staterooms, replacing the kid’s area. Thirty-seven rooms will be AquaClass and the remaining six will be inside rooms. The children’s areas will be moved to the Observation Lounge, which will become much smaller.” I have made a graphic showing the possible effects on the forward facing observation lounge, COSMOS, by moving the kid’s “FUN ZONE” to the rear of COSMOS. Notice how much smaller the observation lounge becomes. Will this an improvement? I think not. The large forward-facing lounges on Celebrity ships are one of my favorite fleet-wide features. Instead of being “Solsticized” they are being “Downsized“.

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